January 18, 2018

Used MINI - Safety is at a Whole New Level

The Mini Cooper had been around for a while courtesy of Mr John Cooper, but it wasn't until BMW took over from Rover that it became a big name, being Mini's biggest investment since the turn of the century. You may miss the old Mini Coopers; I know I do, but I have to admit BMW did a good job of updating a car that was already a well loved one for the new millennium. Gone is the box like body in favour of a similar one that is more rounded, smoother and aesthetically more attractive. There isn't a huge amount of difference really; they just made it appeal to today's younger market more so than the former Mini Cooper does. We've just passed 2009 and the Mini Cooper has been upgraded to the point that it's like some sort of energetic spaniel or maybe a Jack Russell, only a little bit louder. In fact, the noise pollution is the only downside I have found with the Mini Cooper over the years. My personal favourite was the 2007 Mini Cooper which I think is when they peaked. If you want this one you're in luck; the price will have dropped in the used market whereas the loud excitable 2009 rendition won't have yet.

What is it about the Mini Cooper that makes it so popular with us? Well for one it's affordable Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. Even when brand new it doesn't go much above £15,000 which is probably the peak price us average people would spend on a car Autel MaxiCOM MK808. When the car has been used though you can buy one respectably for under £10,000, which dependent on its age can go as low as £5,000. There is a uniform standard with the Mini Cooper at the moment in terms of its content. For example, I was very please to find that they have taken safety to a whole new level and installed airbags for the passenger as well as the driver in all their new cars. The mirrors and central locking are just two of the things that can be controlled electronically, although anyone with a tendency to fidget might need to exercise control experimenting with all these electrically controlled wonders. When driving them you can enjoy a selectable sport setting for the throttle response and the steering, the manual gear box is easy to use and it comes with delectable 15-inch alloy wheels. My only issue with is how much room is in the back of all the Mini Coopers since 2001, or lack thereof. Don't go for a MINI Cooper if you are six foot and leggy. It would be OK for a young family as the kids would fit easily though.

Overall BMW have managed to update the Mini Cooper while maintaining the magic from before. It's still tiny, it's still powerful and it's still the only car that can be small and intimidating at the same time, so it's definitely worth your attention if not your appreciation.

Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry. Here he discusses Used MINI cars.
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